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The best Singer sewing machine

If you’re drawn to the craft of sewing, tap into your artistic side and invest in a Singer sewing machine. An industry-leading brand, Singer has a wide product

The best portable air compressors

Most people aren’t aware of the myriad of different tasks that can be completed using a portable air compressor. Sure, you can use them to inflate your car

The best L.O.L. Surprise! doll

L.O.L. Surprise! dolls make every day feel like a holiday for children. The dolls are packaged in unique containers that require a bit of unwrapping: each

The best LED grow light

Plants need a few key elements to thrive, including moisture, nutrients, and, of course, sunlight. While you can provide your indoor starters or tropical

The best insect repellent

Unfortunately, for many of us the great outdoors comes with an unpleasant and potentially unhealthy price tag. Flying and biting insects, such as mosquitoes,

The best pasta

Fresh pasta is made from eggs and flour. Dry pasta — the type you buy boxed or bagged off the shelf in a grocery store — is made from flour and water, and

The best Samsung soundbar

As a worldwide electronics manufacturer, Samsung’s products are present in almost every home. That goes for its soundbars, too. Built to augment their line of

The best golf cart

If you like the idea of walking during your round of golf for exercise, but you dislike the idea of lugging a golf bag over your shoulder, we have a solution.

The best projection screen

No matter your reason for using a projector, having the right screen is imperative. Whether you’re improving your home theater, want to show movies outdoors

The best roof ladder hook

Working on a roof can be a dangerous task. Roof hooks can make it a little safer, and help you avoid an embarrassing moment in front of your friends, family,

The best vibrating massage ball

When your back starts aching or your muscles are sore, a good massage can be a simple solution to provide some relief. If you don’t always have time to see a

Keep your cat from destroying furniture (no declawing necessary)

Cats are wonderful companions. They entertain us with their goofy antics, comfort us when we're feeling low, and most are amazing listeners, too. But the fact

The best eufy robotic vacuum cleaner

If you need a bit of help keeping up with the dust or pet hair on your floors, a robotic vacuum cleaner may be the perfect aid. Top brand eufy, which

The best milling machine

A milling machine is the tool you turn to when you need to do more than just drill holes. They can do that, of course, but they also machine horizontally —

Weekend deals: Best offers in Macy's Labor Day Sale

Labor Day weekend is the ideal time to rest, relax, and take advantage of end-of-summer sales. To celebrate the last holiday weekend of the season, Macy's is

The best mini claw machine

“Just one more dollar...please!” How many times have you heard that from your kids at the arcade? When they come so close to winning a prize in the claw

How to build your own DIY camper van

A road trip is an exciting and affordable way to travel scenic routes, and many people are joining the #VanLife movement so that they can pursue their

The best ventilation fan

In the bathroom or any other humid space in the home, the accumulation of moisture can cause real problems. Not only can it encourage mold and mildew growth

The best weather radio

A weather radio gives you immediate alerts about potentially severe weather situations in your current area. This is beneficial when you’re hiking in a remote

The best upright freezer

Whether your freezer is home to several months’ worth of food or simply the odd tub of ice cream and a bag of French fries, you can find an upright freezer to

The best stackable washer and dryer

Anyone who has lived in an apartment without laundry facilities knows what it’s like to haul numerous loads to a laundromat and proceed to waste away the day

The best supplement for arthritis pain

While there are many over-the-counter and prescription pain medications for arthritis sufferers, they often act as a band-aid and not a solution to the root of

The best snorkel set

Snorkeling gives you a glimpse at a magical underwater world with only a little equipment required. All you need is a snorkel set, and you're ready to go. But,

The best iced tea maker

No summer gathering is complete without a pitcher of iced tea. But making it the traditional way takes time, focus, and an available stove burner — three

The best pocket radio

They might not be cutting-edge technology, but pocket radios are great for use on camping trips, for listening to in the garden, or for listening to broadcasts

The best mop

Mopping might not be everyone's favorite pastime, but it doesn’t have to be a backbreaking chore, either. For most, a sparkling clean floor is a satisfying

The best mahjong set

Mahjong is a game that originated in Qing dynasty China in the 1600s and is still popular today. Now it's played all around the world with a range of

The best LED shop light

One of the most important places to be able to clearly see what you are doing is in your workshop. Not only might you be finessing a repair that involves a

The best backpacking water filter

Any backpacker knows how heavy water can be when you’re carrying supplies for several days on your back. A water filter can give you a bit of relief while

The best foldable keyboard

If you’re a commuter, student, or business owner, bringing your work with you is part and parcel of your life. Foldable keyboards are an essential feature of

The best food chopper

Even seasoned cooks don’t mind taking shortcuts in the kitchen. If you’re not particularly adept at knife handling, a food chopper is a handy kitchen tool that

The best Sonos speaker

Although CDs aren't quite dead, the majority of people stream music directly from phones, tablets, and computers. Sonos speakers allow you to play streamed

The best all-in-one printer

Why bother with separate printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines when you can have all four functions in the same machine? Given their practicality and

The best cable modem-router combo

When you subscribe to an Internet service from a cable TV provider, you’ll receive a modem. This is the hardware that interprets the signal and allows

The best earplug for concerts

If you’re attending a rock concert, then you fully expect a loud, high-energy musical experience. Earplugs use noise-reduction technology to protect hearing in

The best computer reading glasses

Anyone who spends several hours a day staring at a computer screen knows that eyestrain is a real issue. Using computer reading glasses can help eliminate the

The best Hatchimal

Hatchimals are interactive mechanical pets that can learn and play, not unlike Furbies of yore. They're big hits with kids. New Hatchimals are often among the

The best laptop under $500

A new laptop is usually a big-ticket item — but it doesn’t have to be. With the advent of Chromebooks and less expensive storage, there are many high-quality

The best iPhone 8 case

Your iPhone 8 wasn’t cheap—and it only gets more expensive if you damage it. Alarmingly easy to break, your phone will have a much longer life if you buy a

The best wall outlet

If you can't remember the last time you replaced your wall outlets, that probably means it's time for an upgrade. New wall outlets offer a quick and affordable

The best splatter screen

Splatter screens are the kitchen tool you never realized you needed so much until the day your bacon grease jumped up from the pan and almost hit you in the

The best cat flea and tick prevention

Keeping our feline friends happy and healthy is our top priority. If you don’t protect them from pesky fleas and ticks, they can cause a number of health

The best mascara

Mascara is one of those essential makeup products that no look seems complete without. It can help lengthen, thicken, and define your lashes to bring the focus

How to properly clean your computer screen

Screen cleaning is arguably the most neglected part of computer maintenance. Keyboards, mice, and computer internals tend to be cared for relatively regularly,

The best drill press

Handheld drills are very versatile, but when you need a high level of repeatable accuracy — or big holes in tough materials — a drill press is the tool of

The best disc golf set

Disc golf is an enjoyable — if slightly unusual — sport that can be best described as a mixture of golf and frisbee. Anyone serious about learning to play disc

The best LED light bulb

As the incandescent light bulb fades out of existence, we’ve become familiar with a new way to light our homes, using the highly energy-efficient and

The best jigsaw puzzle

Are you looking for a new challenge that keeps your mind and hands occupied? Take a break from electronics and enthrall yourself with a new jigsaw puzzle. As

The best baitcasting reel

Baitcaster reels offer tremendous versatility. You can use a wide variety of baits and lures and cast them farther than with a spinning reel. With a little

The best handheld video game console

Whether your gaming interests run to modern 3D games bristling with high-definition graphics or retro 1970s and 1980s classics, such as Centipede and Pac-Man,