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Let’s be grateful for NOAA’s Hurricane Dorian forecasting, but let’s make it better | Editorial

Hurricane Dorian shows us the value of hurricane forecasting and the need to do it better.

Hurricane Dorian should miss us, now let’s help the Bahamians who weren’t so lucky | Editorial

Hurricane Dorian missed Central Florida. Let's show our gratitude by helping people in the devastated Bahamas.

DeSantis’ office is making a mockery of Florida public records laws | Editorial

Absurd delays in fulfilling public records requests by Gov. Ron DeSantis' office is another sign that Florida's public records law is in trouble.

Who put Universal Orlando in charge of Florida’s public records law? OUC, that’s who | Editorial

Given OUC’s position as a municipally-owned public utility, it should make anyone uneasy when local government prioritizes the interests of corporations like Universal Orlando over the concerns of citizens, especially when it involves our safety.

A week of highs and lows as UCF moves past an embarrassing financial scandal | Editorial

The opening of a downtown campus and the start of a football season provide uplifting moments this week for UCF as state university officials get ready to air the findings of a financial scandal.

Central Florida needs an ethics board to sniff out problems | Editorial

Cozy business relationships between public servants at Florida Virtual School and Orlando International Airport show that Central Florida needs to consider creating an ethics commission.

How do you improve Florida’s guardianship system? Get out of the Flintstone age of data collection | Editorial

Even though we live in 2019, Florida's judicial system still operates decades behind our current technology. We need a statewide database for professional guardians, who are responsible for managing the health care decisions and financial oversight for thousands of individuals across the state.

Gun safety begins with dealers putting guns in safes | Editorial

Some gun dealers won't like it, but Orange County Sheriff John Mina should press ahead with his plan to require gun shops to secure their put their weapons in safes at night.

Use the tourist tax to help end drama between arts groups and Dr. Phillips Center | Editorial

Money is at the root of the dispute between Dr. Phillips and arts organization, and Orange County has the money to solve it.

Legislators should extend school safety measures to cameras on bus-stop arms | Editorial

After a slew of dangerous accidents involving kids and bus stops last year, Florida legislators need to take action on adding cameras to school bus stop arms.

Gov. Ron DeSantis stiffs Florida Bar to stack courts with hard-right judges | Editorial

Gov. DeSantis rejected the 24 people the Florida Bar recommended to help select Florida judges, including two former Bar presidents. The Bar is now looking for other people willing to be embarrassed. The governor appears only to want Republicans who will nominate far-right judges.

Does moving the capital from Tallahassee to Central Florida make sense? Let’s find out | Editorial

Legislators should not fear a study of whether it makes sense to move Florida's capital from Tallahassee to Central Florida.

How many children must die in hot vans before legislators take notice? | Editorial

The Florida legislature has twice rejected a bill that would require back-seat alarms in child-care vehicles, so workers would be less likely to leave children inside hot vans. Orlando Sen. Linda Stewart has filed bill again, and it's past time the legislature passed it.

Time to end the corporate giveaway of Florida’s water | Editorial

A new permit request for bottlers to take water from Florida's aquifer is a reminder it's time to end this corporate giveaway.

Florida must win the war against invasive species | Editorial

Pythons have won the battle for the Everglades. If Florida doesn’t take more serious action, the state is going to lose the war against invasive species.

How did Florida turn into “Jurassic Park” for invasive species? | Editorial

Florida’s invasive species crisis is far broader than Burmese pythons taking over the Everglades. Some problems go back centuries, but many others have been caused by modern mistakes and neglect.

When it comes to mass shootings, to hell with patience | Editorial

Mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton show yet again that the public should have no more patience with politicians who refuse to deal with gun violence. We should have run out of patience long before 20 were shot to death in El Paso on Saturday and then nine more early Sunday morning in Dayton.

Editorial: Hours of madness in America, from Texas to Ohio to Chicago too

Mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio. Another night of gun fire in Chicago. There will always be guns in America, legal and otherwise. But what, if anything, can be done to deal with the bitter anger behind the violence?

Rick Scott, Marco Rubio and the dubious legacy of Ed Gurney | Editorial

Ed Gurney was seen as a Richard Nixon stooge during Watergate. It's not too late for Rick Scott and Marco Rubio to avoid that fate with Donald Trump.

Man’s death under guardian care exposes disregard for Florida’s vulnerable seniors | Editorial

The death of 75-year-old Cocoa Beach resident Steven Stryker exposed the state and court’s insufficient oversight for professional guardians and exposed another unsavory layer of living conditions for some of Florida’s rapidly growing senior population.

Lake County’s response to deputies’ Facebook posts? Meh | Editorial

The Lake County Sheriff's Office should overhaul its social media policy to ensure that deputies don't continue posting disgusting, dangerous material on Facebook.

A judge provides much-needed sanity on Florida gun laws | Editorial

A state judge wisely rules that steep fines and threats of removal from office are unconstitutional for local officials who seek gun laws.

Does anyone care about the looming debt disaster? | Editorial

Congress and the White House just agreed on a budget that will add more red ink to the $22 trillion national debt. The debt will eventually crush the U.S. economy, but neither Democrats nor Republicans have plans to avoid the disaster.

Better to have a few rats than to be one

In attempting to disparage Baltimore and embarrass Elijah Cummings, the tweeter-in-chief has once again exposed the world to his own ignorance and hate.

Stop Florida politicians from abusing the public trust | Editorial

On Friday, the Florida Commission on Ethics will consider a rule that would implement the state ethics amendment that voters widely approved in November. Not surprisingly, power brokers object.

Mary McLeod Bethune statue will give Florida a legacy of excellence to uphold in education | Editorial

Mary McLeod Bethune, a civil rights activist, successful business owner and founder of the private school Bethune Cookman University, will be the first black person to have a statue inside the hall by a state commission. Rosa Parks, who also has a statue inside the hall, was added by a special act of Congress in 2005.

Toxic conditions in Florida CFO’s office raise troubling questions about Jimmy Patronis | Editorial

Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis owes voters some answers, fast. He promotes himself as a consumer watchdog, but allegations of heavy-handed lobbyist influence, a $25,000 campaign contribution and sexist comments in the workplace suggest the watchdog needs watching.

Puerto Rico deserves better than Rosselló | Editorial

As hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans take to the streets in protest, it's become obvious that Governor Ricardo Rossello should resign.

The Earth’s Finest Hour | Editorial

A reproduction of the Orlando Sentinel's 1969 editorial following the July 20-21 landing and moonwalk of the Apollo 11 crew.

Forget the politicized evangelicals, Stetson Baptist shows us what Christianity is for millions of Americans | Editorial

In contrast to evangelicals who prop up President Trump, Stetson Baptist's generosity in paying off medical debt for the poor reminds us of what Christianity means to millions of Americans.